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YA Fantasy, Quest for the Crystal, is now available for Pre-Order.
Cover Reveal and Pre-Order for Quest for the Crystal
Now accepting Pre-Orders for Book 4, Quest for the Crystal, in the Mountain King Series. I'm excited about this book. Definitely my best book to date. It has political intrigue, conflict and enough angst to cause a grown man to cry. Ha! The book is Y...
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Paperback Version of Eclipse of the Triple Moons is Available
I am excited to announce that the paperback version of Eclipse of the Triple Moons is NOW available on my website.I just received my copies today and I am ready to send it out to all you who have been waiting anxiously for it. Here's the open box seq...
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Find FREE Fantasy books with YA Fantasy Freebies.
Free Books - YA Fantasy Freebies
Here's your chance to score free Fantasy Books.Click here to find some excellent new reads with swords, sorcerers, magic and fantasy.Find these books, Awakening, Prince of the South, or The Wrathlord Invasion.Click here to get for FREE: The Full Moon...
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Fantastic Realms - Free Fantasy Reads - September 2023
Fantastic Realms, Free Fantasy Reads
Yes, You Read that Right Free Fantasy Reads of the Fantastic Realms.Here's your chance to read of strange worlds, unusual customs and cultures, strange races, and the best fantasy reads ever. Searching for your next favorite fantasy read?Look no furt...
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Small Beginning, Big Destiny
What comes from Small Beginnings, could Lead to a Big Destiny.A collection of Wonderful stories with Heroes Who Grow.Here's your chance to read fantasy and sci-fi stories with heroes who start from humble beginnings to grow into the heroes and heroin...
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Fantastic Free Fantasy - Your choice of Free Fantasy eBooks
Fantastic Free Fantasy
Here's what everyone wants: Fantastic FREE Fantasy.Click here to get your free fantasy fix for the holiday weekend.You'll find many wonderful fantasy stories in this massive collection.Check out Ruein or Lady Tanglewood with a single click you can ge...
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Fade into Fall Epic Fantasy Giveaway
Fade into Fall Epic Fantasy Bash
Here it is: Free Books from the Fade into Fall Epic Fantasy Bash.It's a giveaway, it's a bash, it Fall Epic Fantasy at its finest. Get your new favorite book today.Here is a preview of some of the titles to be found in this giveaway.Interested in get...
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FREE Books, Fade into Fall Epic Fantasy Reads.
FREE Fade into Fall Epic Fantasy Bash
FREE Fade into Fall Epic Fantasy BashFade into Fall Epic Fantasy StyleGet these books fast! This promotion ends September 21st!Look forward to some entertaining Fantasy Reads. Take a look at these Epic Fantasies.Three of the books to be found in...
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Eclipse of the Triple Moons is part of this promotion.
YA Paranormal and Magic Book Promotion
YA Paranormal and Magic Book PromotionThis promotion has ended!Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for a limited time.Get your copy of Storm of Paper Starlings, Faery Unexp...
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1600 Mile Bicycle Trip around Lake Michigan
Joe and His 1600 Mile Bicycle Ride around Lake Michigan.My brother-in-law, Joe, has been traveling around Lake Michigan the last 20 days. Okay, big deal, a lot of people drive around Lake Michigan every year. Yeah, but Joe has been riding a bicycle t...
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Hazy Days of Summer Book Bargains.
Free Books - Hazy Days of Summer
Hazy Days of Summer Book Bargains,Can You Say Free Books?This promotion has ended!It's hot outside, the AC is running fine, let's sit where it's comfortable and open a good book. Out by the pool? Then pick up a free book. Try these lazy summer day's ...
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Get Free YA Fantasy Books
Free Books - Young Adult Fantasy Reads
FREE Books - Young Adult Fantasy Reads - Limited Time Offer.It's late summer and the reading is good. Pick up one or more of these great YA Fantasy Reads for your late night reading pleasure.This promotion has ended!Get your YA Fantasy Read Here.War'...
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Three Moons. Three Powers. Book 4 of the Mountain King Series is off to the Developmental Editor.
Book 4 - Is off to the Developmental Editor
Book Four of the Mountain King Series is off to the Developmental Editor.I'm happy to report that I've completed my initial first round edits, and Book 4 of The Mountain King Series is on it's way to the developmental editor. I finished the story at ...
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Check out these stories of Fantasy and Sci Fi characters who break the rules.
Awesome Outlaws
The good the bad and the ugly was a Movie Western fifty years ago or so. Well here is a list of bad guys, who are the good guys in disguise. These are the Fantasy and Sci-Fi heroes and heroines who break the rules, but get the job done. Think Harriso...
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Local chipmunk cruises across bird bath in Viking long boat.
Chipmunk Pirate is Now Raiding the Bird Bath
Imagine my surprise this morning when I found my local chipmunk out on a cruise across my bird bath.We have to do something to control these creatures as it's obvious they have backyard domination on their minds. The birds are squawking about the chi...
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