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Love Fantasy Adventures
For me there is no greater joy than reading an exciting Action Adventure story about a strange world and humans and their not so human companions going on a quest for the strange and magical. Here's some stories that'll surely satisfy your hunger for...
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Fantastical Stories to Tell in the Dark
Great stories of adventure and excitement.Grab these books from Amazon, KOBO, and other book retailers. These books are free to Kindle Unlimited users and KOBO Plus subscribers.
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Fantasy Books for All of Us
Fantasy Feast 2024
Here's your chance to get your hands on some Fantasy books for your To Be Read collection.Which one of these stories would you like to read first?This offer Ends SOON!
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Read for Free as a member of KOBO Plus and get these amazing Fantasy and Science Fiction stories in KOBO Plus.
KOBO Plus Sci-Fi and Fantasy eBooks
Are you a KOBO Plus subscriber? If yes then you may enjoy these Fantasy and Sci-Fi eBooks, free to you as a KOBO Plus member.Check these great Novels out and be wowed at the stories.Did you know that KOBO Plus is FREE for the first 30 days? You can r...
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Get Your Free Copy of Banished by A.R. Nitus
Free this Holiday - Banished
A high-stakes Elemental Magic Dystopian Scifi-Fantasy NovellaGet your FREE copy of BANISHED: A NovellaIs the alien planet their home? Or will it be their burial ground? She is one of the five elemental elders.At just under a thousand years old, ...
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A Free Book - Ashes of Gold
Kings and Queens never dieA story of hope in a time of warI wasn't prepared for war. My father never once told me war was something I'd have to face. My mother wanted me trained at the sword, but trained in military tactics? That was a Great General'...
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A Young Adult Fantasy Feast Giveaway for the Holidays.
A Young Adult Fantasy Feast
A Young Adult Fantasy Feast - A Delightful Christmas Feast if you Will.Here's your chance to get wonderful Fantasy books just in time for the Holidays. Grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage and enjoy one or more of these eBooks written for the You...
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Siege - By Z Adams
The Distance between Hero and Monster will be Measured in CorpsesGet your FREE copy of SIEGEMillicent Cuff leads a regular teenage life. She hikes in the hills, obsesses over boys, and is desperate to leave a good impression at her upcoming birthday ...
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Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic by Paul J Bennett: Heir to the Crown: Book 4.5
Books by Paul J Bennett
I follow Paul J Bennett on Facebook and I have read four of his novels. He has written close to thirty books at the time of this article. I enjoy his books and I think I would have relished them when I was a high school student fifty years ago. His w...
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Free book - The Dungeon of the Old Gods
Free Book - Dungeon of the Old Gods
A journey into madness.Descend into the dungeon.Get Your copy of Dungeon of the Old GodsWhen John Younger answered the Regent’s call to find a missing prince, he thought it would be an easy way to make some quick coin.He was wrong.Thrust into a life-...
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A Recommended Book - The Young Defender
This prequel is set seven years before the first novel opens in the 8-book series Defenders of Vosj.Click here to get your FREE copy.The beloved king of the realm sends Sarn the Sage to defend a distant town, leaving Preem, his young apprentice, to d...
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