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Magical Ambassadors of Justice by Carolina Hughes
FREE - Magical Ambassadors of Justice by Carolina Hughes
The Quest for the Last DragonGet your FREE copy of ​Magical Ambassadors of JusticeAll Gwen wanted was to rest, but all she could do was to keep fighting. Lying, stealing, and running away from home. How did things go so wrong? Her desire was to fulfi...
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FREE Fantasy Series Promos
Do You Love to Read Fantasy and Binge Read Fantasy Series?Here are FREE opening Stories in some excellent Fantasy Series. See if there is one you'll like. (Or take them all.) Start your day with book 1 in a wonderful Fantasy Series Promo.You can...
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Passage to Adventure - Free Books
Do You have a Passion for Free Fantasy Books that have a Call to Action and Adventure?Check out these Fantasy Titles that are FREE until December 4th, 2023.You can also get this Novel for Free today: Haskell Orphan to King.
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Siege - By Z Adams
The Distance between Hero and Monster will be Measured in CorpsesGet your FREE copy of SIEGEMillicent Cuff leads a regular teenage life. She hikes in the hills, obsesses over boys, and is desperate to leave a good impression at her upcoming birthday ...
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Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic by Paul J Bennett: Heir to the Crown: Book 4.5
Books by Paul J Bennett
I follow Paul J Bennett on Facebook and I have read four of his novels. He has written close to thirty books at the time of this article. I enjoy his books and I think I would have relished them when I was a high school student fifty years ago. His w...
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Free book - The Dungeon of the Old Gods
Free Book - Dungeon of the Old Gods
A journey into madness.Descend into the dungeon.Get Your copy of Dungeon of the Old GodsWhen John Younger answered the Regent’s call to find a missing prince, he thought it would be an easy way to make some quick coin.He was wrong.Thrust into a life-...
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A Recommended Book - The Young Defender
This prequel is set seven years before the first novel opens in the 8-book series Defenders of Vosj.Click here to get your FREE copy.The beloved king of the realm sends Sarn the Sage to defend a distant town, leaving Preem, his young apprentice, to d...
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