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Spring Day in Chicago

The day after Easter some cousins came into town, and we had a wonderful couple of days with them. It had been a long time since they had been to Chicago, so we took a day trip downtown.

This author in front of the Bean in Chicago's Millennium Park

It was a gorgeous day, 70 degrees and sunshine. I gave them a walking tour of the iconic sculptures in the city and showed them the Chicago River and all the great buildings. We saw the Field Museum, Millennium Park, The Wrigley Building, the Chicago Theater, the Picasso Sculpture, the Chicago lakefront, and much more.

I'm pretty sure I wore them out. We walked over four miles and spent five hours on our feet. We had a great time though, and I really enjoyed visiting the city, since I hadn't been to Chicago since the pandemic started. We finished the trip getting ice cream at the Ghirardelli's chocolate store.

A week later, we had snow coming down in huge flakes and the temperature never got above 35 degrees. Timing is everything.

My cousin got an interesting photo of the Chicago Bean. She took the picture from underneath the sculpture and it is all reflections. I thought it was interesting and quite unique.