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Cover Reveal and Pre-Order for Quest for the Crystal

Now accepting Pre-Orders for Book 4, Quest for the Crystal, in the Mountain King Series.

I'm excited about this book. Definitely my best book to date. It has political intrigue, conflict and enough angst to cause a grown man to cry. Ha!

YA Fantasy novel, Quest for the Crystal is now available for Pre-Orders

The book is YA Fantasy and tells the tale of Zita who desperately wants to take control of Velidred Castle. She runs into road blocks in the form of the Desert Wizard, Taka, a member of the Council of Nine. She enters into a contract that will cause her more problems than she can imagine. Her only recourse is to seek the Crystal of Zaraboth, a legendary magical artifact that will give her untold power, but is it something within her reach?

Find out more and preorder Quest for the Crystal by Kenneth Brown.

The book will be available on January 23rd, 2024.