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Changing up my Work Station

My wife and I have been busy the last four or five days working on changing my work station. We share a room for our computers, but we had this large desk. It seemed to gobble up the space in the room. It was one of those L - angle work stations that you might have found in a corner office space.

We wanted to move it all against one wall and remove the desk where I did my writing. So, we decoupled the L portion, but that left us with a section that didn't have four legs. Well, that wasn't going to work. I purchased two one-and-a-half inch oak boards from my local hardware store. Then we measured and cut, stained and positioned it on the desk.

Adding a leg to the desk so it could stand without being attached to the other section of desk.

We gave it time for the wood glue to dry, then placed the two desks side by side. The old desk we moved down into the basement for now. I originally made the old desk out of pressed wood, and I love that desk, but the color scheme didn't work in the room.

Now the workstations look like this:

Two workstations after the change.

We still have to work with them for a couple of weeks to see if this setup will work.