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Book 4 - Is off to the Developmental Editor

Book Four of the Mountain King Series is off to the Developmental Editor.

I'm happy to report that I've completed my initial first round edits, and Book 4 of The Mountain King Series is on it's way to the developmental editor. I finished the story at 143,928 words, which is a humongous number of words, but I think the story is solid, exciting and fun.

The adventurers fight awesome monsters, they meet a high priestess, there's a moon curse, and a mighty wand. This is my most exciting story yet, with strong emotion, high stakes, and awesome foes.

I'm still on schedule to make my January, 2024 delivery date, which makes me very happy. I also settled on a title, which I will reveal closer to the delivery date, or when I place the book on Pre-Order.

A Powerful Magical Artifact might be found in this room.

What now?

I will go back to finishing up Haskell - Orphan to King, Part 2. I made great progress, I just have to get back to it. With determination and persistence, I should have it completed by the end of August.

Onward to Writing Victory.