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Book 5 - The Mountain King Series

Thank you for taking my short poll.

For the question, Which book would you like for me to work on next?

A castle at sunset

You have chosen that I should finish the Mountain King Series by writing Book 5 in the series. That's an awesome request and is definitely something that is important to me. The teenagers from Earth have been stranded on Aloheno for a while now, and they have been collecting magical artifacts that should help them open the portal to Earth.

Nothing on Aloheno is easy, so the teens will still have to overcome some obstacles and may need other's help to reach their goal. And if they do open the portal, will they choose to go back to Earth to stay, or return to Aloheno and continue their quest to make it a better world? I don't know the answer to that, so I'm just as excited as you to see if they can open the portal.