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Set Up Print for Rescue of the Stone Warriors

I'm excited to announce that I finished the proofing and formatting of Rescue of the Stone Warriors paperback version. I submitted the files to IngramSparks and will now wait a couple of days for the team at Ingram to review the files. If they approve the files then I will order a single proof copy of the paperback.

Why not order a whole truck load of books? Wait. Not so fast. I took painstaking care to review the book formatting multiple times, but I always seem to miss one detail. Until you get that first copy of your book in your hands you don't really know how well you did.

When I had set up Zita's Revenge and received my proof copy I found that I had messed up the gutter. The gutter is the space of the pages that is used to bind the book together. If a publisher doesn't leave enough gutter space, then you can't read the book without taking the binding apart. Not a good reader experience.

Book four is coming along nicely. I've gotten over the stumbling block on how to start the novel. I've started it four different ways so far and it hadn't felt right. This past week I've made some amazing insights into the novel and I love the direction it is taking. The good news is I'm writing instead of just sitting and thinking.

Have a great weekend.