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Paperback Proof Copy of Rescue of the Stone Warriors Arrived

Woohoo! I'm excited to announce that the paperback proof copy of Rescue of the Stone Warriors came in the mail today. The printer sent it Printed Matter rate through the USPS and I wasn't really expecting it until next week, so I'm stoked.

I received the paperback proof copy of Rescue of the Stone Warriors today.

My task as an author is to review the pages. Are all the chapters there? I will review the back copy to make sure all the information is spelled correctly. I will proof the images to look for flaws. The spine is always a bit tricky getting the title and author name centered. Then I look at the interior of the book. Chapter numbering, title in the header, and author name on the facing page.

I place the page number at the bottom of every page, except for start of chapter page. Then I will examine the front matter, title page and copyright page. And the back matter to make sure the information I need is back there.

It's scheduled to be available on March 6th, 2023 as an order at all your favorite retailers. There won't be any copies actually at the store for business reasons, but place a quick order and you should have it in your hands in ten days.