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Mid-April Snow

We were surprised with a mid-April snow this morning. The snow accumulated on the grass, but didn't really need shoveling at all. I'm not even sure if the temperature reached 32 degrees Fahrenheit, as it dropped steadily on Sunday with a high over 65 degrees. I planted some grass seed in a bare section of the yard on Saturday, and I'm hoping that isn't effected negatively by the snow and wind.

On Sunday, my wife and I went to our local library to enjoy the DuPage Symphony Woodwind Quintet. They performed a delightful mix of classical songs from the early to late nineteen hundreds, including Greig and Mendelssohn. I learned something new, we aren't supposed to call French horns by that name anymore. It is correct in the US to now refer to them simply as Horns. This name matches what they are called in Europe. The quintet was listed as a Woodwind group, but obviously, the horn is not a woodwind, but considered a brass instrument. The quintet contained an oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and flute. They were all listed as first chairs for the DuPage Symphony and their performance was flawless.

The quintet contained an oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and flute.

We made some changes last week to our internet and TV account, and we're experiencing difficulties getting the TV remote to work successfully. It isn't responding at all to voice commands and it isn't allowing us to get past one of the voice setup pages. It's been very frustrating. My wife has just left the house to talk with the folks at Comcast. We'll see if she gets the mix of cable box and remote control that will work successfully together.

This morning I did a leg workout and it is difficult to walk up the stairs after the workout. I guess I had a good workout. LOL. Since the temperature dipped significantly, the wind is blowing hard, and we are experiencing snow showers; I chose to not run outside today. Tomorrow should be better.

I'm making good progress on Book 4 since Easter, so I hope that continues to move forward.

The clarinet picture by Michael Myers on Unsplash.