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March Madness Begins

Right about the time Pi day happens, we see the beginning of my favorite time of the year. March Madness. What's March Madness? It is the time when we see the NCAA Men's final basketball tournament. The winner of the tournament is awarded National Champion.

Why is it so exciting? Because even though we think one team is stupendous and almost unbeatable, during the tournament we find teams with smaller budgets and smaller players beating those stupendous teams. A good team may gain a lead that seems insurmountable, but that lower ranked team finds a way to come back and win the game.

NCAA March Madness Basketball games start today. Picture shows basketball flowing through the basketball.

Players that have had a decent year, may come to national prominence as they hit three pointers or are able to motivate their team to win by playing outstanding defense.

I love the games and will watch too many hours of basketball these next three weeks. I'll watch to the point of exhaustion. Unless I'm really attached to the two teams in the championship game, I may not even watch that game.

So, if you wonder why my writing time is suffering, you'll know what I'm doing instead. I hope your favorite team goes far in the tournament.

Image is from Markus Spiske from Unsplash