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Kobo Plus is coming to the USA and UK

Kobo Plus launches in the UK and US

I just received some exciting news! Kobo Plus is coming to the USA and the UK. This will give book lovers like you and me unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of eBook and audiobook titles for a low monthly subscription fee.

As a reader I love it, because you can binge read an entire series without wondering if you can afford it. With one low monthly price of $7.99 you'll be able to read a whole series, all an author's work, multiple novels in the same genre or mix and match genres and authors as you wish. Many eBooks these days are priced at $3.99 to $9.99, so for the price of one to two books you can read ALL MONTH LONG! It doesn't get any better than that.

As a writer I like it, because when you choose and read one of my books on the KOBO platform, I'll get paid for your read. Woohoo!

Three services offered by KoboPlus - Only eBooks, eBooks and Audio, or only Audio.

Find out more about Kobo Plus here.

Since it's only now being rolled out in the US and UK, it might take a while for all your favorite authors to be listed on KOBO Plus, but you'll still be able to find some great reads even today! The technology has been thoroughly tested since KOBO has run this program since 2017 in select markets.

If you are a KOBO user and avid reader then you might do well in purchasing the KOBO Plus package and reading those twenty-five to fifty books each year for a fraction of the cost. And remember, this applies to audiobooks, too. Queue up a great novel for a long ride, while on a walk or instead of watching TV.

Check out Rescue of the Stone Warriors on Kobo Plus.

You can read my book, Rescue of the Stone Warriors, on Kobo Plus.