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Happy Pi Day 2023

I was surprised today when my wife came home from exercise class. For one, I thought she would be home earlier than she was, though I wasn't worried because I suspected she was out getting groceries. Sure enough, she arrived with bags of groceries in her hand.

The Big Surprise? She had purchased an apple pie. I hadn't placed any significance to today's date, but my wife remembered a newspaper ad had mentioned pies on sale on the fourteenth. Why were they on sale? Because March 14th relates to 3/14. It has fondly come to be associated with Pi Day. You remember the term Pi from your school days representing a number that starts at 3.14 and then has no ending. I don't think most of us think much about it after high school graduation.

Someone came up with the brilliant thought that pies should be associated with Pi Day. Yay for me. I love pies. Here's a picture of ours. Notice the discounted price.

A picture of a store bought pie that has a discounted price of $3.14 on Pi day March 14th.

Can you see it? Three dollars and 14 cents. Yep. $3.14.

It doesn't take much for nerds like me to have fun.