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Day 6 of 2023

2023 is moving fast. It's already day 6 of the new year and I'm scrambling trying to get things done. The process isn't smooth. There are things I do everyday, like exercise and eat, both take time. I really don't get to the computer for writing and associated writing tasks like marketing, editing and formatting until after lunch each day. Then sometime before supper I practice music for church choir. I have a mostly structured life.

There are still other things that happen in my life. I sing in the resurrection choir at church. This is a small group that sings for funerals. It gives the mourners a chance to send off their loved ones and provides closure for them in the time when they need comfort.

New Tires for the Car for Winter

Yesterday, we had new tires put on the car. It's winter time in Northern Illinois and we don't won't to have too many problems in the snow. When we head east to where the grocery stores and church are located, there is a small hill and you wouldn't think it would be a problem. But when the snow flies and the streets are still wet and slippery, that little hill causes a world of issues. New tires, which aren't rated as snow tires, but still grip better than our tires that had sixty thousand miles on them will make us all feel safer this winter.

Print Book Coming Soon

In writing news, I'm formatting Rescue of the Stone Warriors for the paperback. It's a different animal than the eBook formatting. I like to do drop caps on the first letter of each chapter, title in the header on every other page, author's name on every other page and numbering on the bottom of each page. I use Microsoft Word and though most of it is easy, I always forget the special little things you have to do to get all the functionality I want.

I'm close to finishing that, except for my beginning pages. For some reason I'm getting a blank page after every page at the start of the book. Those would be title page, copyright page and things like that. They don't receive title, author name and page number so they have to be handled differently. I'll complete that today and then I'll have time to concentrate on book four.

We are taking down the Christmas decorations this week so that will cut into my time. Have a great day.