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Book Three Editing is Complete

Woo hoo! I completed all the editing for book three, Rescue of the Stone Warriors. 

Next Step Publish

I now need to format the book for eReaders and add front matter and back matter. I need to submit the book to the Copyright office and the Library of Congress. That's pretty easy. I already completed the cover for the eBook. 

I need to decide if I want to release the ebook and the paperback at the same time. I still have to finish the cover for the paperback. I have a mockup, but I need to run it by my cover design manager who has a better eye than I do for details. The formatting for print is a little more difficult than for eBooks. You can make a mistake on an eBook, get a copy of the book, find the error and fix it right away. Print books aren't as forgiving. 

After the print book is formatted, then I submit the cover and the manuscript to the publishing house. They will create a sample for me. I will review it, and if it needs corrections, I will make the changes and then re-submit the manuscript and ask for another print run to show the changes. This will take a few weeks to complete this entire process, so I'm thinking late February or even the end of March for the paperback to be completed.  

New Cover for Book One - Eclipse of the Triple Moons

On another note, I'm changing the cover design for book one. During the recent book fair I attended, I had a couple of people mention my book looked more like a science fiction novel as opposed to a fantasy novel. I've spent the last few weeks coming up with another cover for Eclipse of the Triple Moons and that will be pushed out to all the retailers before Christmas. Here's what it looks like.

Eclipse of the Triple Moons

I will also fix the printed copy, though maybe I'll just turn it into a paperback and leave the hardcover as is. There were edits I had made to the eBook there never were updated on the hardcover book. 

I wish you all happy holidays and hope you find time to spend with loved ones.


Kenneth Brown Author