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Blogging about Tuesday

I was supposed to name this blog title something interesting that would force you to click on it and read today's blog post. I don't think I succeeded with this title. Over the years, I have developed friendships with internet bloggers. I used to run a blog service that had over ten thousand users. Through that service, I met some people that I still stay in contact with today.

John Sealander is one of those people. He has been blogging continuously everyday for the last few years. He names his blog posts by the day of his blogging. The last one I read was his blog title of Day 4820. He has blogged everyday for the last 4820 days. Amazing!

John is blogging the way the original bloggers started. Not as a way to sell something, but as a way to record what happened to you on a single day, a diary if you will.

He talks about his dogs. All dalmatians that he has rescued from the dog kennel. They are always getting into trouble of some kind. Usually stealing his spot on the bed or he mentions how far they walked that day. He talks about space launches that he photographs and writes articles about what he experienced. His house has a flat roof, so he is constantly having sitting water on the rooftop after rains that he has to remove.

He lives a normal life, complains about traffic, cars and people, and talks about his dogs. But he has a way to make his life seem interesting.

I don't blog everyday. We don't have a dog at the moment, as it seems our children developed allergies later in life and dogs make them uncomfortable. I can complain about traffic and drivers, but do you really want to hear about that?

I did see the recent astronomical event of the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. That was amazing. My wife thought the two lights in the sky represented an airplane landing at O'Hare airport, but when the lights didn't move after a minute she reluctantly agreed it might be the planets.

We are located near Chicago, so light pollution destroys most of the night sky for us, but planets and three to five stars are visible to us most nights.

Spring is coming soon, and the grass is trying to green up, but we still have snow in the forecast for next Friday. I go to the gym, lift weights and run. During the summer, I cut the grass and during the winter, I remove snow with a snowblower.

An average lifestyle. Today is Tuesday, I hope you enjoyed the day.

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash