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A Strong Week of Writing

Happy Friday! Not just any Friday, it's a national holiday Friday. It doesn't get any better than that. I know many of you will be working today. I am too, if that makes you feel any better. Less of you will be working on the holiday on Monday.

A Strong Week of Writing

It's been a great week of writing for me. Every day I've been sitting down and typing in two thousand words or more. That many words is usually one chapter for me. Some chapters are less than fifteen hundred words and some are over twenty-five hundred words, but normally, I've run out of things to say for that scene at the two-thousand word mark.

Once I found the novel's starting point, my fingers have flown across the keyboard. The first ten chapters are amazing and I look forward to releasing the story this year and letting you be equally amazed.

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Here's a short excerpt from book four.

Zita rode through the night and early morning and reached Tanuku at mid-day. The small village didn’t offer much, but it did have a small tavern and Zita tied up the horse behind the building. She was sure the alarm of her departure had been sounded and she hoped to stay hidden. If she could make it to midnight, she would have the power to stop Krunal from becoming king and get her magic back from Taka. They both would pay. 

As Zita warmed up with hot cider, she studied the curse written on the scroll trying to memorize it as much as possible. She might not have enough light to see it at night and needed to be prepared for interruption. 

She didn’t notice the spiritualist, Forest River Blossom, come into the tavern until she sat down opposite Zita. “What do you have there?”

Zita felt heat explode in her head and she quickly rolled the scroll up and shoved it in her coat. “Some reading from the castle library.”

“That symbol at the top of the page would force the castle library to burn it immediately. That’s the mark of evil and all documents with that mark are considered dangerous to the crown. You should hand it to me.”

No way would she hand the scroll to Forest River Blossom. “Yeah, I found it in a little mountain village past Crossroads and I’m taking it to the Grand Wizard at Velidred. I just stopped in here to warm up before heading back to the castle.”

The small woman smiled at Zita. “My people watched you ride in on the path from Velidred.”

Zita’s chest tightened. She hadn’t thought about the troublemaker Forest River Blossom. Whatever she did, she couldn’t allow the spiritualist to take the scroll. She thought she had the curse memorized, but what if she missed a word or added a word that didn’t belong.

Forest River Blossom said, “I received a message from my friends at the castle this morning. I’m supposed to report back to them if I see you in the village.” 

Zita hated this woman. Why hadn’t her father killed Forest River Blossom when they were younger? The woman had been a thorn in Zita’s side for a long time now, always spouting prophecies about her death. 

Enjoy the weekend and the Martin Luther King Holiday