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Eclipse of the Triple Moons


Zita's Revenge


Rescue of the Stone Warriors


Quest for the Crystal


Staying Dry - A Short Story


The Mountain King Collection Books 1 - 3


Mountain King Starter Pack Books 1 - 2


Eclipse of the Triple Moons Paperback


Zita's Revenge Paperback


Rescue of the Stone Warriors - Paperback


Quest for the Crystal Paperback


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About Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown is a Young Adult Action-Adventure Fantasy writer. He writes, sings, and tries to stay young. His first book, Eclipse of the Triple Moons, was published in 2018.

My books have readers of all ages from teenagers to grandparents! I write to keep my stories free from profanity, sexual content, and extreme violence so that they are family friendly. For younger readers, I recommend an adult read through them first, just to make sure!

Free eBook - Haskell - Orphan to King

Captured by Gadiel's thugs and thrown into a life of crime, Haskell must learn to survive in the dangerous underworld of the kingdom or face death. But as he navigates the cutthroat world of thieves and smugglers, Haskell discovers that he possesses a hidden talent for magic, a power that Gadiel will stop at nothing to control.

As Haskell struggles to forge his own path and escape Gadiel's clutches, he becomes enamored with Princess Noreen, the beautiful and sheltered daughter of the king. Determined to win her affection and become more than a common thief, Haskell vows to become a lord and prove his worth to the princess.

But fate has other plans for Haskell, as he seeks the help of the spiritualist and fortune-teller, Forest River Blossom, who reveals a future for Haskell that he never could have imagined. As he fights for love and power in a world of danger and deceit, Haskell must find the strength and courage to seize his destiny and claim his place in the kingdom.